Bandwidth Associates really enjoyed participating in the FinTech Connect Live conference at London Excel this year. As exhibitors, we got the chance to speak with a number of international and domestic visitors and truly get the full scope of the sheer potential in the FinTech industry today.

We felt that the overriding theme of the conference was around a customer centric approach and decentralised banking systems. The founder of Fidor Bank AG, Matthias Kroner, gave a presentation on the journey of their bank, which really made an impression on us. The consumer has become more and more egocentric and products as well as age old Financial Systems must adapt, or risk being left behind.

We met and heard from a lot of start-ups that utilise Blockchain technology and learnt about their very interesting journeys. The industry just finds ways to create viable and regulated relationships and doesn’t seem to slow down.

Of course, the upcoming GDPR has been on the mind of a lot of CTOs and while the dreaded 25th May is approaching, it was evident that the industry is prepared. Digital Transformation programmes across Europe play a key part in this.

Major organisations look to the cloud which can actually assist, but it is important to grasp that the Cloud alone can’t offer miracle solutions. To quote Dr Shiyghan Navti (Vodafone): “Cloud is a Journey”. As well as technology, attitude and culture needs to evolve. Partnerships become very important in this fast moving digital landscape and outsourcing partners become more and more in the forefront of this.

It was interesting to see that cities across the EU are stepping up, trying to become the next start-up capitals of Europe. France, Switzerland, Holland and Sweden made their presence felt, talent is needed, and investment is in place.

Britain however won’t fall short and has stepped up to the challenge, despite the political climate, business remains Great (Britain)! Wales certainly are stepping up to the challenge and London remains as competitive as ever.

~ Written by Xenia Christopoulou

FinTech Connect Live conference