First port of call…

Bandwidth are my first port of call when I’m recruiting.  Always taking the time to gain a good understanding of our often exacting requirements, they invariably bring us good CVs very quickly.  The quality of the candidates is always high with a good level of screening ensuing there are no poor interviewees.  Over the years I’ve recruited many people with the help of Bandwidth and they’ve always been great additions to the team.

~ CTO, Digital Marketing Company  

Highly recommend…

Working with Bandwidth Associates took the stress out of job hunting. They clearly described the role and exactly what the recruitment manager was looking for in a candidate showing how closely they work with their clients. They were diligent in understanding my strengths and needs and matching them to the role. They showed a sincere interest in me as a candidate and they were highly responsive each time I called. Prior to interviews they made it as clear as possible what would be expected and gave words of encouragement.  Concerns and questions that I had, such as travel and the ability to work from home were dealt with by the Account Manager who discussed them directly with the hiring manager. I was extremely pleased that I worked with Bandwidth Associates and would highly recommend them to other candidates.

~ Successfully placed by Bandwidth as Head of QA – Digital Media Company

I have been impressed…

I have worked on a number of assignments with Bandwidth over the last three years, engaging with a diverse but interesting group of clients in a number of different sectors from global insurance to global finance and on each occasion I have been impressed by Bandwidths insight to each of the projects and the relationships they have fostered with senior level management within each organisation.

~ Associate, Project Manager